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165pc Magic Tracks Glow In The Dark Led Light Up Race Car Bend Flex Racetrack

I like driving in my car, it’s not quite a jaguar’, but it could be a glow in the dark magic racing set. Perfect for kids to get into the racing spirit. With its manoeuvrable track pieces, you can bend them into any position for the ultimate race course experience. With LED light up cars the track keeps glowing, making the race even more intense! Kids will love switching off all the lights and watching the glow in the dark track light up at night, making it a perfect present for those dark winter nights. Plus at the end of the day when it’s time to tidy up, it is super easy to just roll up and store away. The perfect Christmas gift to get little hearts racing… Features: 165pc Glow in the dark magic racing set Bend, flex and curve the track in any direction Snap track pieces together for a custom speedway 1 LED light up race car and glow in the dark track 3 x AAA batteries required not included 11ft Speedway - Can be rolled up for easy storage