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Money Clip Case Slim Carbon Fiber Wallet ID Credit Card Holder RFID Blocking

RFID Blocking Ultra Slim Card Wallet and Money Clip
Ultra slim and an easy to use design, these front pocket wallets are designed to remain as slim as possible whilst still holding up to 12 cards that won't fall out thanks to the integrated elastic track.
Thanks to the aviation grade aluminium, carbon fibre and stainless steel construction these wallets boast RFID blocking technology that stops thieves from being able to use RFID skimming devices to obtain debit, credit, or other card details.
The thumb indentation on the lower portion of the wallet allows you to easily push your cards up and select the correct one. The top of the inner plates are tapered to let you easily slide additional cards into the wallet.
The included money clip can hold a number of notes securely, even a single note won't be able to fall out and become lost.
Stylish to look at, convenient to use, and much less space taken up than a traditional wallet or purse.