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This Bathroom Support Handle will give you that little bit extra help when you need it most. With a simple flick of a lever the powerful twin suction cups will instantly lock on to the side of your bathtub or shower wall, providing you with a firm grip for added security and stability when entering or leaving your bath tub or shower. Bathroom Support Grip Handle Made of grey & white plastic This support grip handle is ideal for people who need extra support when entering and exiting the bath and shower area Super strong on the wall Can be fixed horizontally or vertically No tools or drilling required Works on suction levels and easily fitted in minutes Ideal for tiled showers and baths Locks or unlocks instantly Easy to install and remove Ideal for travelling Simply release the lever to remove handle Fits most baths and showers Please note that this style of handle is simply an aid to help you in or out of the bath or shower, it is not designed to hold a user's weight for a long period of time. These must also be fixed to a flat, smooth surface, they may not stick to an uneven surface

Orthopaedic Seat Cushion Wedge Tailbone Pillow Coccyx Spine Pain Relief Solution

Seat Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion is designed to relieve nagging backaches, numbness, and discomfort while you sit. It has a special wedge shape with U Cutaway to ease pressure on your tailbone and aid your spine to relax by restoring the spine's natural S-shaped curve Indoor,Outdoor black dual sided cover, breathable fabric on one side with stain & water resistant finish on the other which can be wiped clean The sit right, feel right, comfort cushion! Whether you're working on a computer, driving to work, or at a sporting event, Seat Solution will cradle you in comfort! Before: Pain pressure points cause discomfort and fatigue. After: Seat Solution Orthopedic Seat Cushion promotes proper sitting posture while relieving painful pressure on the lower back and buttocks

Unisex Men Women 1000ML Urinal Storage Portable Urine Pee Bottle Camping Travel


Urine Male Female Urinal 1000ml Unisex Lid Outdoor Travel Toilet Bottle

These portable urinal bottles are available for men and women as one of the options is unisex and comes with an attachment to make it usable for women. The bottles can be used at home, whilst travelling or camping, they also come in handy for people with bladder problems or elderly people. The urinal bottles are made from a sturdy plastic and feature a long neck and snap on lid to help prevent spillages, the bottles can be used while either stood up or lay down . the 1000ml (1L) bottle has a scale for measuring volume which can be used to record medical data, there is also a carry handle which makes it easy to carry, dispose and clean.


Brand: True Face

Material: sturdy plastic

Unisex, can be used by women or men.

The wide base has more standing stability. It won't spill when you are using.

Easy to clean and more convenient to use with handle.

Ideal for the elderly or bedridden, children and adults on long journeys.