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Blow Torch Butane Flamethrower Weed Burner Welding Kitchen Camping Auto Ignition

Powerful flame: flame temperature up to 1,300ºc/p> Self-igniting built-in piezo ignition Easy to use push’n twist gas cartridge attachment Light compact design Adjustable flame control Anti-flare after 2 minutes preheating Perfect For: Cooking and Catering· Flaming, caramelising browning, add colour and texture to food blistering a skinning, finishing foods Lighting BBQ’s and fires Defrosting and thawing frozen water pipes plus other plumbing work CAUTION: Accessible parts may be very hot. Keep young children away from the appliance. Be careful the phenomenon of flaring which may occur during the two minutes warm up period and in which the appliance should not be angles more than 15 degrees from vertical and upright position. The appliance can be used at any angle without flaring after 2 minutes of warm-up period. Specifications: Size: 170 x 66 x 55mm Unit weight: 130g (excl. blister packing) Calibre of spout: Ø 19mm Maximum firepower: 1,300ºC Consumption of gas: 73g/h 864kcal/h Type of gas: Butane Appliance category: Vapour pressure-butane Igniting method: Automatic piezoelectricity ignite Please be aware this sale is for the torch head only, no gas is included.