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All Fix Carpet Spray Contact Adhesive Glue Heavy Duty Spray Mount Craft BLUE

This product is an exceptionally powerful spray contact adhesive conveniently packaged for a wide range of applications including: Exceptionally strong, premium quality, heavy duty adhesive, ideal for all carpeting, upholstery and furniture manufacture, and insulation applications This freindly non - chlorinated adhesive adhesive properties are particularly suited for the bonding of : Carpet, Foam, Fabrics, Felt, Leather,  Rubber and Polythene to substrates such as Wood, Concrete, Metal and some Plastics. This makes it ideal for laying flooring carpets, spot fixing carpet tiles, fitting vehicle interior trimmings, securing under-felts, dust sealing, fixing insulation materials and many others. Coverage is approximately 3.5m2 per can Approx setting times: Summer: 1-2 minutes Winter 5 minutes +