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Turtle Wax Finilec Tyre Puncture Repair

Punctures often happen at the worst times: In the dark, in the wet or on the motorway. By carrying a can of Finilec Instant Puncture Repair you are always prepared for a puncture, where and whenever it happens. Finilec Instant Puncture Repair will safely mend and re-inflate punctured tyres without the need for a wheel change.

An emergency 'Get You Home' tyre sealer aerosol

No wheel change! Safely mend and re-inflate punctured tyres.

A quick fix! The latex bonds with the rubber sealing the puncture immediately.

Suitable for all tyres! Cars, caravans, trailers, MPV's and 4 x 4's

FINILEC® Instant puncture repair is an Emergency 'Get you home' tyre sealer.

Slime Smart Emergency Tyre Puncture Repair Inflator Pump Compressor Sealant Kit

Slime Smart Repair Emergency Flat Tyre Repair   Smart Repair Kit includes:   473ml bottle of Slime Tyre Sealant with filler hose Tyre inflator with built-in pressure gauge Valve core removal tool and air adapters for inflatables Repairing a flat tyre with a Smart Repair is simply and takes less than 15 minutes.   Start by rotating tyre so that the valve core is in the upper half of the tyre. Slowly remove the valve core with valve core tool provided. Allow the tyre to fully deflate. Remove the puncturing object if possible. Attach filler tube to the bottle tip and tyre valve stem and squeeze in recommended amount of Slime Tyre Sealant Replace the valve core. Plug the tyre inflator into the power outlet. Turn on the inflator and air up the tyre. Use the built-in tyre pressure gauge to monitor inflation progress. Once your correct tyre pressure has been reached turn off the inflator and disconnect the power adapter. Drive for .32km and stop to verify that the puncture has been sealed. Check tyre pressure. Reinflate if necessary.