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Universal Black Anti-Theft Car Auto Roof Bars With Rails Lockable Rack Kit

Universal Black Roof Bars Designed for cars that already have factory fitted side roof rails (there must be a gap between your roof rail and the car's roof for these to fit) Not suitable for cars that have slim line roof rails fitted with no gap underneath There must be enough room for the clamps to fit under the raised rails without touching the car's roof Ideal for roof mounted boxes, bags and cycle carriers Lockable anti-theft design Easy to install and remove Ready assembled - ready to clamp to your car & requires minimal fitting time Very strong Rust proof - galvanized inside, black polyester outside Supplied in pairs Length: 130cm (please allow 16cm for fitment) Includes 2 keys Note: roof bars must be removed if you intend to use a drive through car wash these are cross bars designed to go across the car's roof. For these bars to fit your car needs to have raised rails already fitted that run along each side of the roof. An example is shown in photo 2. There must also be a gap between the bottom of the side rail and roof of the car as shown