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10K Boost Diesel EGR Valve Spray Cleaner Releases Sticking EGR & Restores Power

10K Boost Diesel EGR Valve Cleaner is designed to remove harmful deposits that cause the valve to stick and become ineffective. Diesel EGR Valve Cleaner will clean the entire intake system restoring power and performance. Safe for use on vehicles fitted with air mass meters, turbos, catalytic converters and diesel particulate filters. Product Benefits * Releases sticking EGR valves * Cleans entire air intake system * Restores power & performance Directions for Use Important: please follow closely all the instructions. Warning- If at any time during the treatment process the rpm does not increase during application, stop the process and consult a vehicle technician. 1.Warm engine to normal running temperature. 2.Remove air filter from the filter housing. 3.Allow the engine to idle. 4.Attach the extension tube to the nozzle making sure that the nozzle is pointing into the air intake manifold and spray using one second bursts. After each burst allow the engine to idle normally. During application the engine revs may vary and diesel knocking may increase, this is caused by a change in the fuel/air mixture - occasionally raise the revs to between 1000 & 1500 rpm for a few seconds then allow the engine to idle as normal before repeating the application. DO NOT increase the revs when rpm drops! 5.Repeat the process until the entire can is used. 6.Allow the engine to idle for 5 minutes once the treatment is completed. 7.Turn off the engine and re-fit the air filter taking care as the engine will be hot. 8.Drive the vehicle for 5 to 15 km, but do not rev above 3000 rpm. 9.Before turning off the engine allow the engine to idle for 2 minutes. DO NOT exceed 1500 rpm during application. Avoid contact with paintwork - in the event the product does come into contact with vehicle paintwork - immediately rinse with plenty of water. Treat engine every 10,000km. For high mileage vehicles or engines with a constantly sticking EGR valve a second treatment may be required.

10K Boost DIESEL STOP SMOKE Fuel Treatment Additive Reduce Exhaust Emissions

Diesel Stop Smoke is formulated to reduce smoke emissions from diesel engines and improve fuel economy. Product Benefits * Promotes maximum combustion efficiency * Suppresses exhaust smoke * Promotes engine cleanliness * Improves fuel economy Product Usage All diesel engines. Directions for Use Pour contents of one 265ml bottle into the fuel tank before filling with diesel fuel.

ABRO 354ml Radiator Rad Flush Cleaner Cleans Clogged Rads Heating Cooling System

ABRO Radiator Flush has been specially formulated to remove rust, sludge and scale in all automotive cooling systems, from engine block to radiator and heater cores. Suitable for Petrol and diesel engines. Cleans cooling systems fast! Prevents overheating! Features: Quickly removes rust & scale throughout the cooling sytem Helps prevent overheating Restores effective cooling Safe for all automotive cooling systems Safe for all metals and hoses in cooling systems. Removes harmful grease, sludge & loose rust deposits Easy to Use - Instruction below. Instructions: Remove radiator cap (never remove a radiator cap While engine is hot) Pour entire contents into a full, cool radiator. Replace cap. After engine has reached normal engine temperature, idle for 10-20 minutes with heater on. Do Not Drive. Stop engine and allow to cool. Remove radiator cap and open drain plug. For best results, run water from a hose into radiator just fast enough to overflow slightly. Do Not Add Cold Water To A Hot, Empty System. With engine idling, flush until liquid runs runs clear. Shut off engine and allow system to drain completely. Close drain plug. Refill radiator with recommended concentration of antifreexe/coolant and water mixture. Replace radiator cap to fully closed position.