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10k Boost Diesel Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive-CLEANS ENTIRE FUEL SYSTEM -265ml

10k Boost Diesel Injector Cleaner Fuel Additive-CLEANS ENTIRE FUEL SYSTEM 265ml Product Information Diesel Injector Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system removing carbon deposits from injectors and prevents needles from seizing Key Features Diesel Injector Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system removing carbon deposits from injectors and prevents needles from seizing Improves combustion using effective cleaning agents and a strong cetane improver Prevents needles from seizing Reduces corrosion and wear Improves combustion

10K Boost Diesel Particulate Filter DPF Regenerator Cleaner Treatment Additive

10k Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner 265ml Product Description 10K Boost Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner is an organometallic diesel fuel additive that ensures complete & rapid regeneration of the diesel particulate filter. 10K Boost DPF Cleaner lowers the ignition temperature of soot collected in the diesel particulate filter and optimizes periodic combustion of accumulated soot, a process known as filter regeneration. Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner also reduces particulate emissions and extends lifetime of particulate filter. Product Benefits * Ensures complete and rapid diesel particulate filter regeneration * Reduces ignition temperature of trapped soot ensuring extraordinary combustion at temperatures typically encountered during normal engine operation * Prevents performance loss caused by clogged diesel particulate filters and incomplete combustion of soot * Reduces particulate emission assisting in meeting strict legislation and emission limits * Extends lifetime of the expensive diesel particulate filter * Most economic way of soot reduction without any changes to the fuel system * Regeneration of diesel particulate filters is 5-10 times faster and more complete than when using a catalyst coated diesel particulate filter. * No secondary emissions. * Can be used for all diesel engines with standard or retrofitted diesel particulate filter Product Usage For all diesel engines (incl. common rail and turbo charged engines) with standard or retrofitted diesel particulate filter. Directions for Use Pour contents of one 265ml bottle in fuel tank before filling it with diesel fuel. Dosage Information One 265ml bottle treats 40 to 60 litres of diesel fuel. Treat system every 3000 miles.

10K Boost Diesel Stop Smoke (1441A) – 265ml

Diesel Stop Smoke - 265ml 1441A 10K BOOST Diesel Stop Smoke is formulated to reduce smoke emissions from diesel engines and improve fuel economy Add direct to the fuel tank Comes in a 265ml bottle

10k Boost Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment 265ml – Petrol & Diesel Fuel Additive

Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment - 265ml Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment releases and lubricates sticking valve stems and hydraulic valve lifters in petrol and diesel engines and quietens noisy valve lifters. Cleans engine deposits in the oil system.

10K Boost Petrol EGR Valve Air Intake System Cleaner Spray 200ml Restores Power

Petrol EGR Valve Cleaner
200ml Aero
10K Boost Petrol EGR Valve Cleaner is designed to remove
harmful deposits that cause the valve to stick and become
ineffective. Petrol EGR Valve Cleaner will clean the entire
intake system restoring power and performance. Safe for use
on vehicles fitted with air mass meters and catalytic
Product Benefits
* Releases sticking EGR valves
* Cleans entire air intake system
* Restores power & performance
* Easy to use
* Catalytic converter safe
* Easy to use

10K Boost Stop Smoke Oil Treatment Additive Reduce Oil Burn Emission Engine Wear

10k Boost Superior Stop Smoke for Oil
Stop Smoke For Oil 300ml
10K Boost Stop Smoke For Oil is an engine oil treatment that
when added to engine oil will seal the gaps between worn
internal moving engine parts. It will help reduce oil burn,
engine wear and harmful emissions.
Reduces harmful emissions and engine wear.
Product Usage
Can be either usd as a top up between services or added to
new engine oil during service.
Directions for Use
Run engine to normal operating temperature and switch off.
Add contents of bottle to engine oil and run for 5 minutes to ensure thorough mixing.
Dosage Information
Contents of one bottle will treat up to 5 litre of engine oil.


Gunk Ultra Engine Degreasant -  5 Litre This degreasant is specifically formulated to remove tough grease and oil build up on engines. The powerful water-based formula penetrates deep into grease and oil to release it from the surface of your engine. Suitable for use on vehicles, industrial and agricultural machinery. 5 litre bottle Main Features: - Removes dirt, grease and dirt from vehicle engines - Also suitable for use industrial and agricultural machinery - 5 litre bottle

ABRO 354ml Radiator Rad Flush Cleaner Cleans Clogged Rads Heating Cooling System

ABRO Radiator Flush has been specially formulated to remove rust, sludge and scale in all automotive cooling systems, from engine block to radiator and heater cores. Suitable for Petrol and diesel engines. Cleans cooling systems fast! Prevents overheating! Features: Quickly removes rust & scale throughout the cooling sytem Helps prevent overheating Restores effective cooling Safe for all automotive cooling systems Safe for all metals and hoses in cooling systems. Removes harmful grease, sludge & loose rust deposits Easy to Use - Instruction below. Instructions: Remove radiator cap (never remove a radiator cap While engine is hot) Pour entire contents into a full, cool radiator. Replace cap. After engine has reached normal engine temperature, idle for 10-20 minutes with heater on. Do Not Drive. Stop engine and allow to cool. Remove radiator cap and open drain plug. For best results, run water from a hose into radiator just fast enough to overflow slightly. Do Not Add Cold Water To A Hot, Empty System. With engine idling, flush until liquid runs runs clear. Shut off engine and allow system to drain completely. Close drain plug. Refill radiator with recommended concentration of antifreexe/coolant and water mixture. Replace radiator cap to fully closed position.  

Auto Extreme Blue Antifreeze Coolant Ready to Use -36°C (Longlife) – 500ML


Auto Extreme Blue Antifreeze Coolant Ready to Use -36°C (Longlife) 500ML

Antifreeze & Coolant Protection Down To -36°C

Ready to use: This ready to use anti-freeze can be mixed with any type of antifreeze, so you only need one bottle for all of your different vehicles. Auto extreme are experts in cold weather, they product quality vehicle fluids for your car!

Manufacturers Specs

• Formulated with patented Cor-Guard inhibitors • Extends engine life** • Prevents corrosion • Helps your cooling system run more efficiently • Protects cooling system from the damage caused by worn-out antifreeze • Works with any colour antifreeze • Won’t void your warranty • ** Protects your car or light-duty truck for up to 5 years or 150,000 miles (240,000 km) when flushed & filled according to instructions • Disposing of used antifreeze/coolant: Dispose of contents & containers in accordance with local & national regulations

Type: Coolant Antifreeze Size: 500ml

Granville Battery Terminal Grease Automotive Electrical Contact Lubricant


Granville Battery Terminal Grease 500g

Premium quality automotive grease for use on battery terminals to prevent corrosion and aid the removal of battery leads.


Battery terminals

Electrical contacts

For use on battery terminals

Prevents corrosion

Aid removal of battery leads

500g tin

Granville Car Belt Slipping Lubrication Dressing Protection Spray Vehicle 500ml

Granville Belt Dressing is a solution specifically designed to increase the efficiency of belt drive machinery. Belt Dressing increases torque and power of the belt by reducing instances of belt slip under heavy loads. This will increase the longevity of the belt which in turn reduces the cost of belt replacement. Suitable for use on flat, round, vee, leather rubber or fabric belts. Can be used on fan belts, automotive drive belts and belt driven machinery. Increases the efficiency of belt driven machinery Suitable for use with flat, round, vee, leather rubber or fabric belts Increases longevity of the belt Can reduce the cost of belt replacement Increases torque and power

Granville Ceramic Brake Grease High Quality High Temp Lubricant 500g

Granville Ceramic Brake Grease is an exceptionally high quality grease that is non- conductive and non-melting. It is highly water resistant and ideal for vehicles with ABS braking systems. Ceramic Brake Grease is free from copper additives and is suitable for use with aluminium brake components. Product Benefits * Electrically non-conductive * Non-melting * Highly water resistant * Copper-free Product Usage This product is formulated for lubrication of automotive brake callipers, specifically those using electronic ABS braking systems requiring a non-conductive grease. Additional uses include high temperature anti-seize and mould release applications. Directions for Use Apply to component as required Storage Instructions Store sealed in a cool, dry place away from children. Shelf Life 3 years from date of manufacture