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1kg Pingi Reusable Car Dehumidifier Clear Windscreen Damp Moisture Absorbing Bag

  • Absorbs up to 400ml
  • Offers a quick and easy way to remove dampness from your vehicle
  • Attracts the excess humidity like a magnet
  • Absorbs excess moisture and musty odours
  • Will not leak or leave stains
  • Keep product clean and away from any oily substances
  • Detachable humidity indicator clip included
  • Dry the product in the oven for 3hrs at 180°C (detach clip beforehand)

PINGI Car Home Dehumidifier Large Dry Bag Moisture Killer Absorber Pad Reusable


Pingi dehumidifier gets rid of moisture from vehicles, the home and other confined spaces

Coloured patented indicator displays when Pingi is saturated

Leak proof unlike normal calcium chlorine dehumidifiers

Reusable & eco friendly-no refills required

With Humidity Indicator

PINGI Wireless Rechargeable Car Home Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Machine

PINGI Electric Rechargeable Car Dehumidifier
Absorbs up to 120ml
Offers a quick and easy way to remove dampness from your vehicle
Cordless use combines mobility with performance when dealing with moisture problems
Will not leak or leave stains
Composite case is light, strong, and heat resistant
Integrated humidity indicator
Recharge the product by connecting it to the mains socket for 8hrs
Do not leave the product plugged in for more than 24hrs