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Amber Car Door Protectors Reflectors Door Guards Prevent Scratches Protect Edges

These protectors will stop your car door from being damaged and protect the neighbouring car in tight parking spaces. It only takes a gust of wind or a careless child and an unprotected car door can be severely damaged, costing you a small fortune.   They are simple to install by easily sliding over your car door edge. These guards require a minimum door gap of 4mm.   1 order of 2 door guards is enough to protect a 2 door car. If you have a 4 door car you can cut the guards in half to protect all four doors

Chrome Door Strip Car Accesories Decoration and Protection 2 x 3m

Chrome Door Strip Chrome-look For decoration and protection 2 x 3m door strip

Chrome styling strip 3.5mm x 3.64m grill edge trim self adhesive dash car thin

CHROME DETAIL STYLING SELF ADHESIVE STRIP CAR EDGING MOULDING TRIM 3.5MM x3.65MM NEW. Length: 3.5mm x 3.65m. Double sided tape ensures simple fitting. Can be effortlessly cut to the size required. Suitable for interior or exterior use. Perfect way to style your car. This product is highly versatile and is suitable for interior or exterior use.  

Glossy Black Number Plate Holder Licence Plate Surround Frame ABS PC O2

Black License Plate Holder/Frame An All Ride License plate holder with a black finish this will allow you to place the license plate of your choice and attach it to your vehicle with ease. It gives extra protection to the license plate itself and also adds some uniqueness to the vehicle. The license plate holder will fit any model vehicle and will be able to be used in all countries. The quality black finish will add a feeling of style to the number plate itself.


This great value number plate surround provides the perfect styling touch to any car and is easy to fit. The number plate surround features a universal design with multiple fixing points and a durable plastic construction with chrome look finish. This number plate surround is also handy for drivers who use a rear mounted cycle carrier which blocks their existing number plate. By attaching this surround (with number plate inserted) to the rear of a cycle carrier you can ensure your number plate is also on show. Main Features: - Single number plate surround - Durable plastic construction - Multiple fixing points - Easy to fit - Chrome look