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Helping Hand Welding Magnifying Glass Soldering Iron Stand Holder Station

Third Hand Clamp Helping Magnifying Glass Jeweler Loupe Selected
The practical tool for soldering work, electronics and model making.
Two adjustable locking arms with alligator clip jaws and magnifying glass can be configured in many ways.
All points are swivel and can be fixed to desired position or angle.
Magnifier: 2-1/2" Glass Lens with Metal Chromed Frame
Heavy and sturdy cast-iron base prevents movement of work.
Magnification: 5X
Base: Horseshoe Cast Iron Black
Holders: 2 Alligator Clips mounted on a Cross-Arm Bar
Rotation: 360 degree Swivels
Glass Lens Diameter:2.36"/60mm
Item size: 125*70*50mm(Fold)
Color: as shown
material: metal
NOTE:Magnifier can be removed and tool can be used by itself 
Package include:
1 x Third Hand Magnifying Tool(with clips)