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6 x PVC Insulation Tape Coloured Electrical Wiring Flame Retardant 18mm Set

Set of 6 colorful adhesive tapes Self-adhesive insulating tape for universal use ideal for the professional and the handyman a different color for every occasion high flexibility versatile in use good adhesive strength with a smooth surface

Fabric Glue Adhesive Textile Cotton Sewing Craft Felt Hemming Hem & Linen Repair

Brand: Sewing Solutions Multi-purpose Quick drying Can be used for toys and toy making, patching etc. Can be dry cleaned and machine washed. Size: 50g   Ideal for bonding: Cotton, Suede, Cotton, Linen, Synthetics, Jute, Leather, Felt, Carpets, Furnishings, Hem repairs and much more including blended and synthetic fibres. *Not suitable for very fine or delicate fabrics.     DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount of glue using a brush or spatula to both sides of fabrics to be jointed. Hold together for five minutes. The glue will be completely dry in 30 minutes. Iron the fabrics at its required temperature. Remove any excess glue with water before it dries. **ALWAYS TEST ON AN INCONSPICUOUS PART OF THE TEXTILE BEFORE USE**